Grass Fire Causes Damage to Lincoln Roofing Business

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Looking over his property at White Castle Roofing Sunday Afternoon, owner Mike Hansen see's the charred remains of several of his work vehicles and trailers.

"At least two trucks, four or five trailers. We expect some other problems, maybe underneath. We had a large stack of insulation here that caught on fire here and just kept on blowing down onto all of our equipment," said White Castle Roofing Owner Mike Hansen.

Even though Saturday's Grass Fire burned through his gates and left insulation and other debris smoldering, Hansen says he is fortunate the fire didn't spread into their warehouse building, which is full of flammable objects like roofing felt and shingles.

"It would've been a very bad time to have the fire reach inside, I think it would have been very difficult for them to put it out if that would have taken place," said Hansen.

While there's at least $100,000 dollars in damages to his property, Hansen says he's thankful for the quick response time of several Lincoln Fire and Rescue Crews who stopped the blaze in it's tracks and saved his business.

"The fireman did an excellent job for us, they showed up very quickly, we can look over there and see where the fire stopped, it stopped there simply because they got here and put it out," said Hansen.