Neighbor Saves Two Homes From Grass Fire

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Firefighters responded to a grass fire that spread to a home just south of 40th and Superior Streets Tuesday at 4:57 p.m.

Captain Michael Smith says that when he arrived at the fire, he saw a neighbor putting it out in the front yard. Firefighters then spent the next few minutes putting out the last few embers.

That man, Ren Beck, lived right next door and he told 10/11 News he was just trying to stop the fire from spreading to his house. After he saw the fire spreading quickly on his neighbor's lawn, Beck grabbed a hose from his closet and rush to put it out.

His daughter told 10/11 that she saw her father in a "cloud of smoke" and was worried when he initially began putting the fire out.

Beck says he believes this is the kind of neighborhood where people would try to help each other.

Captain Smith said that because the neighbor put the fire out so quickly, that is why there was such minimal damage to the front of the house.

Smith says he believes a lit cigarette butt was what caused the fire.