Lincoln Children's Zoo Goes Blue for Autism Awareness Month

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The Autism Family Network of Lincoln gathered at the Lincoln Children's Zoo on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the conclusion of Autism Awareness Month.

Autism effects one in eighty-eight children nationwide. On Sunday afternoon, volunteers set up outside the zoo, greeting families effected by autism and handing them free tickets to the zoo. It's part of a national event called "Zoos Go Blue."

Miles Stolte's passion for blue, a color associated with Autism Awareness, reflects his deep commitment to the cause. Stolte says he was diagnosed with autism while he was in the second grade.

Six years later, Stolte is helping educate others, including his big sister, Jese's, classmates. "He is helping the band next year support autism for his Eagle Project. We're going to support autism awareness," said Jesse Stolte.

The Stoltes joined other families to celebrate the end of April, better known to them as Autism Awareness Month, by giving back.
"My youngest child has autism and this is one of the things I could do that could help the community," said Cathy Martinez of The Autism Family Network of Lincoln.

The group also collected signatures for LB 505 which requires insurers to help pay for behavioral therapy, something that those with autism often need.