Groups Rally At Capitol For Immigration Reform

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Saturday morning dozens of people rallied on the steps of the Nebraska State Capitol hoping to send a message to the federal government to secure United States borders.

This comes the day after the House passed legislation that would send kids crossing into the U.S. back home without hearings. That bill is paired with a bill that would send a half million more immigrants back home.

It was a loud display of strong opinions Saturday morning.

"You call out the military, the National Guard, you secure that border," said Peggy Sigler, in town for the demonstration from Omaha.

"Financially, physically and morally it just overwhelms the United States. And that's not good for anybody, especially the citizens," said Doug Alms.

The scheduled rally at the Capitol didn't just bring out those looking to secure the borders.

"We're not isolationists and selfish. We need to be generous and open-arms as we have been for hundreds of years," said Krista Anderson, a Fremont teacher.

"I immigrated here when I was a child and when people are coming here for a better life, especially so young when they don't really know what's going on, I really think we should show that we're good neighbors," said Miles Jordan.

And while it was a mostly peaceful morning, it wasn't without its outbursts. There was some shouting and one instance when police stepped in to calm the situation. Otherwise, one woman said she wouldn't mind discussing the situation with immigration supporters to understand where they get their facts.

People on the two sides of the street may not agree on everything, but they all want to be heard at the Nebraska Capitol, and the nation's capitol.

"It's been years talking about immigration reform and nothing has moved," said Anderson.

"Everybody needs to get off the couch, turn off the TV and start calling and faxing and emailing their elected leaders," said Alms.