Guiding Stars Nutritional Information In Stores

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Starting this week, Guiding Stars nutritional information is on grocery store shelves.

Russ's Market and Super Saver stores in Nebraska now have the Guiding Stars stickers in every aisle.

The guide ranks food on a scale of up to three stars. The more stars, the more nutritional content in the product.

Items with one, two or three stars have more vitamins, minerals, fiber and whole grains. Those products also have less saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, added sodium and added sugars.

The labeling system is meant to help customers make better choices when deciding which food products to buy. They want shoppers and employees to make healthier choices so that they can do their part to reduce obesity and common health issues like diabetes.

The parent company of Russ's Market and Super Saver, B & R Stores, adopted the Guiding Stars program so that it would also be quick and easy to choose products.

"You just look at a star, you just look for a label. The tags are on the shelves and you just look at those tags and if there's one star, two stars, three stars, you just grab and go and if its a three star label, you have no guess work. It's just a grab and go thing," said Lynn Friesen, Health and Wellness Coordinator for B & R Stores.

If you see no label next to a product, then that means there is likely a low nutritional content or that contains less than five calories per serving.

Hyvee grocery stores have a similar program. They use the NuVal scoring system to grade foods based on nutritional content on a scale of 0-100.