Gun Owners Open-Carry at Local Eatery

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- A South Lincoln restaurant gave dozens of gun owners the chance to exercise their right to open-carry a hand gun while grabbing a bite to eat.

It's all part of a group called Nebraska Open Carry. Their goal is to make it easier to carry weapons in Nebraska.

They say guns and gun owners have a bad reputation nationally and they're working to improve those perceptions locally. They hope being out in the public eye shows others that gun owners aren't a threat.

Nick Crawford, an organizer from Nebraska Open Carry, said he wants people to know guns aren't just for the bad guys.

"I open carry with my family," Crawford said.

"And I want people to see that, that someone carrying a gun is not dangerous. And, they can be out with their family, and everyone goes home happy."

Thursday's meeting at The Crave near 27th and Pine Lake Road was the third meet-up the group has held at a Nebraska eatery. The group began on Facebook and has branched out to give more people the opportunity to join in on the discussions.

Crawford said he wants to provide a safe and comfortable environment where people can exercise their second amendment right in peace. The group promotes education, conversation and action about gun laws and rights for open carry in Nebraska.

Nebraska Open Carry also believes carrying in public may help prevent crime.