Habitat ReStore Opens In Lincoln

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LINCOLN, Neb. - If you've ever worked on a home improvement project you know how tough it can be tough sometimes to find the right supplies and it can be especially difficult if you're on a budget.

Habitat ReStore, near 47th and Y St., has come to Lincoln to make that easier for some Lincoln families.

The non-profit home improvement store and donation center opened its doors on Saturday, August 9th.

Some Lincoln families were there early to make sure they snagged some of the best deals.

Monica Carney and her family are preparing to renovate parts of their home and they love finding used goods to do it.

"It's an adrenaline rush because you see all these people and it's like a shopping spree," said Carney.

Her sister-in-law April Sharp agreed that it was definitely exciting.

"We were looking for a toilet...chandelier, microwave...we were kinda looking at the furniture."

They say it is tough to find supplies at a price they can afford but with Habitat Restore open, they have more options in Lincoln. The store is the first of its kind in Lincoln.

Sharp said she was really impressed with how organized everything was." If you're looking for one specific thing you can go right to it."

The newly formed Habitat ReStore has furniture, appliances, building materials and many different tools. The products are sold at great discount prices to reuse, recycle, and re-purpose.

It took a year of planning to get the store in Lincoln. The general manager says he's happy to see volunteers work with families to find them some quality options for home improvement.

Greg Olson said, "It's just as important for people who are donating as it is for people who are shopping because they have a really good place they can drop things off and not waste things. All the stuff that we have has a lot of life left in it and it's good stuff. What we really want people to do is come see us first, see what we have and then go to your favorite home improvement store to fill out the rest of your project needs."

And it's the good stuff that families like the Carney's say they will keep coming back to search for.

Monica Carney said she used to work with Habitat for Humanity at her church's youth group. "To be able to benefit from what I helped with? It feels really good."

All of the proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.

In addition to providing home improvement deals, Habitat ReStore is asking for donations of new and used household items and building materials and offering rewarding experiences for volunteers.

Donations are accepted at the store, or by calling the Donation Hotline at 402-464-3668 to schedule a pick-up.