Hall County Considering How to Spend Excess Money

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Hall County has a problem, but it's a problem many people would like to have. The county has too much money, and County Supervisors are debating what to do with it.

In a county that usually has to make budget cuts every year to try to save money, being able to give county employees raises this year and still have money left over is unheard of according to one Supervisor.

Thanks to new houses in Hall County and home and land valuations going up, the Board of Supervisors now has an estimated $432 million to work with.

But those higher valuations mean higher taxes for home and especially farmland, which saw a 40 percent increase in valuation.

So with the money, the board could spend $695,000 on maintenance to the courthouse and the county attorney's building. But a majority of the board is looking to cut the tax levy instead.

"As much as what the valuation on homes and farm ground went up, with corn prices going down for the farmers and things looking a little rough for the future as far as farming, we'd like to see everybody get just a little bit of a decrease in their taxes," said Supervisor Gary Quandt. "One thing about lowering the taxes is it affects everybody."

This would mean county property taxes would drop from $478 to around $462, or even lower, for a $100,000 valued property.

Supervisor Steve Schuppan told 1011 over the phone that he agrees with Quandt, especially with the problems farmers will be facing.

A decision will be made on how to use the money during the Aug. 25 budget meeting.