Hall County Fair Features New Attraction: Mud Drags

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- A new event is taking the Hall County Fair by storm in Grand island bringing hundreds to Fonner Park.

The Mid State Mud Drags saw around 70 stock and modified trucks and cars competing in one-on-one races down a muddy track.

Fair officials said they were looking to use the grounds that were previously used by tractor pulls, and mud drags were suggested.

With around 700 coming out to watch today, fair management is excited with the new event.

Fair Manager Corby Flagle said, "It's good, you know we've got some spectators out here. We also have some people that are out on the track that are kind of the crew people that work with them, but they also like to watch their friends and neighbors and people they compete against so it's a good deal."

Flagle said after seeing the public response to mud drags this year, they will become a regular attraction at the fair.