Hall County Sheriff's Department Take Donations for Pilger

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The Hall County Sheriff's Department are taking donations until six o' clock Thursday night. They're hoping to have a truck filled up and ready to go.

Bottled water... totes... snack bars...flashlights...and baby products are passed into the hands of the Hall County Sheriff's Department and stacked into this donated truck outside the sheriff's office. The department wanted to find a way to show central Nebraskans care.

"We know that it'll tug on the heartstrings of all the Nebraskans that live here in Central Nebraska and hopefully we'll have this truck filled up by six o' clock," said Jerry Watson, the Hall County Sheriff.

And it's working. This husband and wife team heard about the fundraiser and donated a trunk full of water.

"I feel so bad for those people up there...and I just...haven't been able to sleep...and we just decided to do something for them," said Kay and Dean Schuchman, who are Grand Island residents.

They say this is a great way for those who can't make the drive to Pilger to still help out.

"Neither one of us are able to do a whole lot up there, but this is our way of showing we're thinking of them," said the Schuchmans.

And donors say they know central Nebraska will give all they can.

"Oh I think this is wonderful for one community to help another. I know the people of Grand Island are very generous and I know there will probably be a lot of people here helping," said Jeanne Nabity, a Grand Island resident.

The truck will be on the road to Pilger first thing Friday morning.