Hall County Supervisors Consider New Solution to Courthouse Issues

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- At the last Hall County Board Meeting, Supervisors decided on potential projects for courthouse renovations.

Tuesday, however, a new idea was proposed to the Board.

Some members suggested constructing an entirely new building off site for the courthouse. The idea did not pass.

Instead, they decided to keep the Board's decision from their last meeting and leave the option for a new building open.

They also decided to wait until price estimates are available to make a final decision.

"Since we haven't received pricing back on the two options that we asked for, I can understand why the people that favor Option B-3 want to see those prices," said Board Chair Bob McFarland. "We've been given some pricing on B-1. We've been tossed some real preliminary numbers on B-3, but I think we need to take a look at both of them. That's what we chose to do two weeks ago and I think we reaffirmed it today."

The more accurate pricing estimates for the two projects are expected between late May to early June.