Weather Makes Parents Happy on Halloween

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Superheros, candy and pumpkins are all Halloween staples, but something set this Halloween apart from the rest.

"I'm actually kind of hot, so it's a surprise to be this warm," said Bob Wolfe, a father of two.

The weather.

"It's beautiful. We aren't having to wear a coat so everyone can see each others' costumes." said Brytten Sorgenfrei.

With temperatures in the mid-50s, many parents say they were comfortable which is different than what they're used to.

"I remember when there used to be snow on the ground and you had to ride in the car to stay warm," said Wolfe.

However, it makes no difference to the kids. They would be outside no matter what because tonight is all about the candy.

"Usually it's around 9:00 before we get home. We let them stay out a little late on Halloween so it's kind of a rough morning," he said.