Harvest Down For Winter Wheat

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With recent rainfall in the last few weeks, some wheat farmers say although it is affecting their harvesting, yields are still better than expected. Though they say yields are far from ideal.

"The weather and the coolness of the spring kept the wheat from maturing at a normal time frame," said Mike Bundy, a wheat farmer in Waverly. "We're usually about done by now, or are done. We've got about 400 acres and we have 170 acres picked."

Bundy says timing and climate are everything when it comes to harvesting wheat.

"The wheat stopped using water three weeks ago once it turned yellow and started maturing," Bundy said. "It didn't need anymore rain, all it needed was to dry down. The grain was dry, but the productivity of getting the harvest done was greatly slowed down."

With almost 15 inches of rain at his family farm since Mother's Day, Bundy says it's hurry up and wait for his crops to mature.

"We're having trouble getting through the straw because it's green and not quite mature yet, but the wheat is dry."

While it's too soon to tell just how successful his crop will be, Bundy says he more concerned about weather conditions in the upcoming weeks.

"Right now we're just looking for some warm, dry days and some wind to help keep that humidity down a little bit," Bundy said.

Bundy says even though the rain is affecting his harvest, it is helping other major Nebraska crops, like corn and soybeans, that need the rain.