Hastings' Barn Candle Company Offers 1st Official Kool-Aid Days Candle

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HASTINGS, Neb. -- There's just 12 days until the City of Hastings will be pouring that sweet drink it's known for. That's right Kool-Aid Days is just around the corner.

If drinking Kool-Aid isn't enough for you, you can now fill your home with the aroma.

Kool-Aid Days is teaming up with Hastings based Barn Candle Company.

They're offering limited edition Tropical Punch scented candles, room sprays and bricks.

Rod Pontine, owner of the Barn Candle Company says while they make the candles in Hastings, a fragrance company creates the scent.

"We got a couple different samples, some we liked, some we didn't like. There's a huge science to making fragrance. It's not just you dump a little bit of this or that together. There's scientists that micro manage it down to the last ounce, drop of fragrance to make it smell exactly like it should." Said Pontine.

If you're wondering if there's actually Kool-Aid mix in the candles, there's not.

Though, they look and smell just like the drink so many have come to love.

They range in price from $5.00 to $17.00.

You can find them at Expresso Shipping, Allen's Superstore in Hastings and the Hastings Museum.