Hastings Home Severely Damaged in Saturday Storms

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HASTINGS, Neb. -- Seventy mile per hour winds ripped through Hastings overnight Sunday, downing power lines, ripping off tree branches, and in one case crashing a giant tree branch onto a house below.

The residents on South New York Avenue say they were getting ready for bed around 11p.m. when they heard a loud boom, and felt the house shake.

The residents said they didn't know what happened until after the storms passed.

Ben Erie with the Hastings Fire Department said they blocked off the sidewalk for safety reasons.

Richard Maris who lives in the home suffers from Spina Bifida and is bound to a wheelchair.

He and his roommate David Jenkins said they were told they could stay in the home, but not to use certain parts of it.

"Warned us about using the living room. Told us not to be in the living room, not to be on the porch, not to be in the dining area because of the potential of the tree coming down and shooting shards of glass," said Jenkins.

Maris added, "Not being able to get out and do the things I need to do with an exit is definitely hard. Having to rely on someone else to do stuff for me is not fun either."

Jenkins and Maris said they were already planning on moving out, but this is expediting the process.

They planned to stay Sunday night and hope to have a new place to stay by Monday.

Officials with the City will be back out on Monday to further assess the damage and determine who's responsibility it is to remove the tree.