Hastings Mayoral Candidates Tout Jobs & Growth

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The two men vying for Hastings top job as mayor are touting job growth, economic development, and revitalization.

Friday both men spoke out as they try to get their message out just a few days before election day.

In Hastings there are two different ideas by the two men vying for mayor on what the direction of the city should be over the next four years.

Challenger Emilio Llanes is talking jobs, saying he would revitalize downtown if he gets elected on tuesday.

"And bring back retail stores and attract more business," said Hastings Mayor Challenger Emilio Llanes.

Meanwhile, current Mayor Vern Powers who wants to keep his job says he's worked hard during his term to bring new growth to the area.

So looking forward he would look to improve the education of the workforce.

"We've got to raise our educational level if we want to have higher paying jobs we need to have an educated workforce," said Hastings Mayor Vern Powers who is seeking re-election.

He also says the future of Hastings looks bright.

"We have great cash reserves our financial statements are in excellent shape. Our employees are working hard," commented Powers.

Challenger Llanes says more can be done to help improve the city, like taking another look at taxes, spending, and education.
To add more jobs to the area, he says he'd look at industrial work to help balance out the loss of jobs.

"We lost 700 jobs the last four years. Some of them came from Mary Lanning Healthcare which cut its workforce from 900 to 500," said Llanes.