Update: Hastings PD: Three People Arrested During Burglary

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The Hastings Police Department says officers arrested three people from Grand Island after discovering a burglary in progress.

Sgt. Steve Murphy says that just before noon on Wednesday officers were sent to check out a report of suspicious activity. They found a burglary taking place in a home on the 800 block of Richmond Avenue.

Estid Barrios, 21, and Alex Gallardo, 17, were both arrested for burglary and possession of marijuana. Othon Robles, 17, also from GI, was arrested for burglary. Gallardo and Robles are being charged as adults.

Murphy says the two were not stealing the drugs, but already had it in their possession.

The investigation is ongoing, and Murphy could not say if the three are suspected in any other burglaries.

The three have hearings in Adams County Court scheduled for early February.