Heartland United Way, Community Bring Christmas to Over 60 Families

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It's the gift you can't unwrap - the gift of giving! And the Heartland United Way has been inundated with it.

Director of Marketing for the Heartland United Way Bonnie Westfall said, "We have over 60 families that were adopted by generous folks within our four county area to provide Christmas for."

The United Way staff says these families are not looking forward to new gadgets or jewelry, but instead some items that often go unappreciated today.

"A lot of our families, their primary need is going to be typical things, things we take for granted: clothes, a warm coat, food. We had one family that that was all they asked for was food," said Westfall.

"As you can see, we've got a lot of gifts around here," said Heartland United Way President Karen Rathke. "A lot of tears for some very happy families that wouldn't be able to provide Christmas on their own without the help of some very generous people in our community."

The community is an important part of the effort from start to finish - even in choosing the families who need help the most.

"All of our families are nominated," said Westfall. "They're nominated by a social worker, by a church, by a next door neighbor. Nominations can come from any of the four county areas, donations can come from anywhere in the world."

Thanks to the donors, more than 60 more families will have Christmas this year, and another priceless gift.
"Christmas is all about giving," said Rathke, "and there is no greater way to demonstrate that than to give somebody the gift of hope that Christmas is really all about."