Race for Nebraska Governor Still Open

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The highest office in the state is up for grabs, but no one has admitted to wanting it, or at least they're not saying so yet.

Former Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy was considered the front runner to be the next governor. Now, Sheehy is out of a job and off the ballot, leaving no one in the race.

There's no question the scandal has upped the ante on a now open ballot, one that both parties claim will come out in their favor.

"In 2014, the winner of the Nebraska Democratic primary will be the next governor," said Vince Powers of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

"I'm quite confident that whoever comes out of that May 2014 Republican primary will in fact be our next governor," Mark Fahleson of the Nebraska Republican Party told 10/11 News.

But, for either to win the office, someone has to throw their name in to run.

That person might be Fremont Senator Charlie Janssen.

"My interest in running for governor has been since last summer. I've looked at that and I've been considering that, even with the field much more full than it is now. That's the same today," Janssen said.

With several names now tossed around to be the first on a blank ballot, the possible candidate said the Sheehy shake-up won't rush his decision.

"I said from the beginning, regardless of who gets in, the decision is about my family and what I can accomplish for the state of Nebraska and that hasn't changed," Janssen said.

Senator Janssen said he'll announce his decision two weeks from Monday.

Gov. Dave Heineman says it's extremely unlikely that he'll appoint a new lieutenant governor who wants to fill his job in 2015.

Heineman said Monday that he doesn't want to give an advantage to any possible candidate in the Republican primary race.

He also said he will appoint a replacement before the legislative session ends, which eliminates any current state senators.

Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy resigned Saturday after state records showed he had made thousands of calls to four women on his state-issued cell phone. One woman has confirmed that she and Sheehy engaged in a romantic relationship while the lieutenant governor was married.

Heineman says Sheehy resigned after he became aware of "new and more information." But Heineman acknowledged Monday that he had confronted Sheehy about past rumors.