Heineman, Gale Oppose National Popular Vote Bill

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Gov. Dave Heineman and Secretary of State John Gale are voicing opposition to a bill that could change how Nebraska awards its electoral votes.

Heineman and Gale said during a press conference Monday that the measure could eliminate Nebraska's voice in presidential elections.

"Eliminates the voice of Nebraska for its own electoral votes, so it's totally contrary to our whole sense of fairness in terms of how Nebraskans cast their ballot," said Gale.

"The citizens of Massachusetts and California should not determine the votes of Nebraskans," said Heineman.

The bill would add Nebraska to the National Popular Vote compact. Once in place, the system would require Nebraska to award its electoral votes to the presidential candidate who receives the most votes nationally.

The compact would go into effect when it has been adopted by states with at least 270 combined electoral votes.

Sen. Tyson Larson, who prioritized the bill, says the decision to pick a president should be made by the nation and not just a few swing states.