Heroes of Lincoln Come to Life

There's no better place to study the people of our past than their final resting place.

At least that's the idea the Hildegard Center for the Arts had when putting together their "Hearing from Heroes" tour.

Hundreds of people took a tour of Wyuka Cemetery Sunday afternoon, stopping at several gravestones to learn about the people buried beneath.

Beside these gravestones stood impersonators-- theater students from Lincoln High.

"I've been acting since middle school," said Melissa Wilson. Wilson was impersonating Sara Harris. Her children donated Pioneers Park to Lincoln.

"It's a beautiful day so it's been really nice," said Wilson. "I enjoy talking to people and telling a story."

Each student brought his or her subject to life by reciting a short informative story and answering any questions audience members may have had.

"These kids are very well trained and they're delivering their parts and their acting their roles expertly," said Joe Chiaretti, an audience member.

"It's interesting to see and listen to the perspective of the people who are in the parts of these characters."

Subjects included James W. Bush, Olivia and Louse Pound, Charles Bryan and more.