High Burglary Numbers Have GIPD Asking for Help

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The Grand Island Police Department is asking for your help after 30 burglaries were reported in the first 15 days of 2013.

Of the burglaries, 18 were to businesses and 12 were to residences, according to police. The stolen items range from cash and jewelry to TV's and other electronic devices. Some have involved the theft from vending machines and even safes.

Police say it's hard to prevent those burglaries without your help.

"We don't know who belongs in an area, but you that live in that area know who belongs there, who doesn't and you know if something looks suspicious," said Officer Butch Hurst.

G.I. police encourage businesses to check to make sure their security systems are working. Authorities also ask that you call 911 if you see any suspicious activity and lock up your home, garage and vehicle.

If you are a burglary victim, police say it's easier to get your valuables back if you have a serial number or a picture of the item.

GIPD encourages you to visit the website we've listed below. In the center of the page is a box that is labeled as resource center. There, you can search for any of these that are helpful, but they say the best one is labeled: PERSONAL PROPERTY IDENTIFICATION RECORD.