Higher Voter Turnout Expected for Entire State

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Election officials watched at polling location numbers from previous years crumbled with in four hours of the polls opening.

"We've been busy, before eight o'clock we had them waiting here in the hallway and we've had a steady stream right along," Precinct Inspector Marcella Ochsner said. "It's great to see all these people. They are so enthusiastic about getting in here."

Secretary of State John Gale is predicting a high voter turn out in this election. He cites strong interest in not only the presidential election but also races for the U.S. Senate and Congress. Issues voters were eager to weigh in on.

"The presidential race was very important. It was the highlight of this year and there are a lot of things I would like to change," James Doyle of Lincoln said.

"By voting you decide how the country is run and what direction it goes in and that's important. I feel like if you live here, you have to vote," Cameron Ruble of Lincoln said.

Gale's prediction is just short of the numbers seen in the 2008 presidential election.

"We're predicting a 71% turn out of registered voters, which will be higher than any previous year. It's not a large surge that we were hoping for, but it's still a outstanding turn out," Gale said.

Lines formed early at polling places all across Lincoln and that's typical. Several people wanted to cast their ballots before work.

"I always come early. It's better to come early because last time when I went voting I waited almost an hour," said Cindy Camarillo of Lincoln.

"Pretty good actually, no waiting. I waited for about two minutes total, that was it," said Devon Kings of Lincoln.

In addition to the lines forming early at polling places, Gale has seen a record number of early voting; both in person and mail-in ballots all across the state.

Gale says the third congressional district typically has a highest turnout, with the first district not too far behind. He's hoping to see higher numbers in the second district

"I'm very hopeful we will see, not only in Nebraska, but nationwide, a great surge in patriotism and civic duty of people voting," Gale said.