Hit and Run Crash Shoves Parked Car Against House

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Lincoln Police are investigating a hit and run accident where a parked car was overturned and hit a house. The suspect arrested 10 blocks from crash scene, still in his destroyed car.

Just after 9 p.m. Saturday night, emergency crews were called to the 1800 block of A Street for a reported rollover accident. The overturned vehicle reportedly had hit a house as well.

Homeowner Diane Greene said she heard the crash then felt her house shudder. She knew the house had been hit. Her husband went outside to see the overturned Chevy Blazer in the yard. He and another man yelled for the driver, then began pulling items out, hoping to find the person inside.

Greene said the whole time they tried to get in to the driver, gas was pouring out, and when they told 911 there was no one inside, dispatchers told them to get away.

Aaron Van Steenberg, the owner of the SUV, said he heard the crash and got up to investigate. When he looked out the window, he noticed his Chevy Blazer was gone and called 911 to report it as stolen. Once outside, several people asked him if the car in the neighbor's yard was his. It was.

Van Steenberg said police told him the driver of the car was driving on a suspended license.

Van Steenberg said he is still optimistic about the whole ordeal. Knowing his only vehicle and source for transportation was destroyed, he had just renewed his insurance recently and hopes the process to get another car will be quick.

Lincoln Fire & Rescue's Acting Captain Jason Urkoski said they arrived to see the overturned car and damage to the porch. They verified no one was in the car or had been ejected, then turned their attention to the leaking gas and damage to the house.

One of the posts which support the porch roof was moved, but appears to still be supporting it. Greene was advised to avoid the porch area as much as possible until it can be deemed safe. Building inspectors will be checking out the condition of the porch and structural integrity of the house, most likely on Monday.

The large amount of gas spilled onto the lawn will be another matter.

According to LPD Sergeant Tom Ward, several witnesses reported seeing a white Cadillac traveling at a high rate of speed before it hit the parked car. After the crash, the car went south on 18th Street then west on Washington. One witness was able to get the license plate number as the car left.

Ward said the hit and run suspect was found, still in his car at 6th and A Streets. His car was heavily damaged.

Police are still investigating the crash.