Hit and Run Victim Recovering

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Lincoln, NE-- David Hughes can't feel most of the right side of his body, but he'll take that considering he almost died three weeks ago.

Hughes is the victim of a hit and run on February 21 at the intersection of 48th St. and Madison.

"This lady obviously considered me expendable," said Hughes. "She drove away from the accident, didn't bother to ask if I stubbed a toe."

Officers arrested 53-year-old Debra Novak on March 14. According to court documents, police say Novak hit David Hughes as he was crossing the street, then and took off.

"If she would have killed me and then been caught later I wonder what she would have thought about that," said Hughes.

Hughes sustained a compound fracture in his lower leg that was almost amputated, a traumatic brain injury, facial lacerations, and broken and dislocated clavicle.

It's a lot of injuries to overcome, but he is nearing the end of his tenure at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital.

Although it's unclear whether he will ever regain feeling in his arm and leg, Hughes has a positive attitude.

"I'm not a quitter, I won't quit," said Hughes. "If she [therapist] says do 15 reps on a particular item, I'll say how about if we go over 20?"

Police used witness accounts and debris left at the scene to narrow their search for the driver. Police also learned Novak told people she hit someone and rented a storage unit the next morning.

Police found the damaged car in the unit and found a beer can lodged in the grill the victim was carrying when he was hit.