Holiday Season Sparks Fire Safety

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The holiday season is sparking extra attention from firefighters when it comes to fire safety.

First responders say a blaze can happen anytime and quickly with things you put in your home this time of year.

"A fire anytime of year is bad for the person living in the home, whether it's Christmas season or not it is never good," said Kearney Volunteer Firefighter Bob Reineke.

Experts say during the holidays there are extra things in your home that could spark a blaze quickly..

"This is the time of year when we start using candles, natural cut Christmas trees, outdoor decorations fireplaces, wood burning stoves," said Ken Tracy with the Kearney Volunteer Fire Department.

Christmas trees cause 250 structure fires annually, so firefighters say keep them watered, and away from heat sources. Candles can also spark a problem.

"I'd recommend the flame-less candles, they are battery operated. They look just as nice and you can get the ones with the scents in them as well," commented Tracy.

The leading cause of home fires this time of year is unattended cooking.

"Stay in the kitchen and watch what you are cooking," said Tracy.

Firefighters say if your home does catch fire call for help right away.

"Get out and stay out get to the neighbors house call for help; don't ever go back into the home once it's started," said Reinke.