Watch Hollywood Week on First News Nebraska February 4-10

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The week of February 4th is Hollywood Week on First News Nebraska.

FNN Anchor Chad Silber and Senior Producer Amber Smith traveled to Los Angeles, California to show viewers what goes on behind the scenes of some of the shows you see on 10/11.

10/11 got on the set of Let's Make a Deal and Wheel of Fortune and talked with the hosts of the show.

You won't see these stories in any other show, so watch M-F from 5-7 a.m. Saturday's morning show is from 6:30-7:30 a.m. and Sunday's morning show is condensed from 6:30-7 a.m.

Chad Silber gives us a tour of LA including all the hot spots on Hollywood Boulevard, tells about his troubles getting to the Hollywood sign and hits the Santa Monica Beach.

Pat Sajak shares what it's like working with Vanna White and some of their highlights during their 30 years on Wheel of Fortune.

Vanna White talks about another special talent she has and her stylist takes us inside her dressing room.

Let's Make a Deal host Wayne Brady paints a pretty odd picture of what he thinks Nebraska is like. Hint: It involves unicorns, elves and Cornhuskers.

Let's Make a Deal model Tiffany Coyne teaches Chad how to reveal a prize behind the curtain and keyboardist Cat Gray tries playing the Husker Fight Song.

Improv Master and Announcer Jonathan Mangum talks about what it's really like on the set of Let's Make a Deal.

Two Nebraska natives talk about their jobs working behind the scenes of Let's Make a Deal and how they still have a lot of Husker pride.

Pat Sajak is even funnier in person!