Home Burglary Turns into Attempted Identity Theft

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It only took a window of 3 hours, 45 minutes for a family in South Lincoln to become the next victim of a home burglary.

"Homeowners reported that they left the house at 4:15 and then upon returning shortly after 8pm, they entered the residence and realized that somebody had been inside and rummaged through the entire house," said LPD Officer Shane Winterbauer.

They were missing jewelry, a class ring, a buck knife and a checkbook.

"It's very possible that the suspect was watching the house and waiting for them to leave before entering," said Winterbauer.

Had the criminal stopped there, he probably would've gotten away with it, but instead, he took that stolen checkbook to HyVee on North 27th Street.

"HyVee employees indicated that an unknown white male attempted to purchase batteries with a check," said Winterbauer.

Police say the clerk asked the man for his ID but he told the employee it was his mother's check and he'd have to go to his car to get his ID. He took the check and left. But on his way out, security cameras captured his image.

"Video shows the suspect being a white male in his late teens or early 20's, slender build, short brown hair, wearing dark pants and a black puffy jacket," said Winterbauer.

Police later learned the homeowner's didn't lock their back door, giving the criminal an easy entrance.

"It doesn't take very long for somebody to get into a house especially when the doors or windows are unlocked and they can go throughout the whole house and grab some of your belongings and be out within minutes," said Winterbauer.

Lincoln Police say the criminal took the following items:

"Open Heart 'Z' shaped diamond necklace" valued at $500.
3/4 inch buck knife in brown holster engraved with "Grandpa August 2nd, 1992."
Onyx black stone class ring from Keuka College engraved with "Psychology" and the victim's name on the inside, valued at $100.00.

If you know anything about this case, call Crimestoppers at 475-3600. You may be eligible for a $1,000 cash reward.