Homeless Count Launched in Lancaster County

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How many people are homeless in Lincoln? That's a question which should soon have some very solid numbers.

Every year in late January, for one night only, the Homeless Coalition of Lincoln counts the number of homeless people in Lancaster County, living in shelters or under bridges. In fact, it's done in communities across the nation.

"We want to get an accurate count," said Lee Heflebower, of Community Action.

They also want to educate the public on the face of homelessness.

Often, say officials, the public thinks of homeless people as men living under bridges. While that's certainly a part of it, it doesn't paint the whole picture...not by a long shot.

In fact, of the 981 homeless people that were counted in Lincoln last year, a large number of them were kids or young people, 310 to be precise.

"You're looking at a great community resource that can really be downtrodden." said Heflebower, who also stressed how critical it is that, homeless children especially, get the support they need to grown and become productive members of society.