Homeowners Near Holmes Lake Disappointed with Development Plan

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- New plans for the development of an empty lot on Sherman Street near Holmes Lake have been released, but homeowners in the neighborhood aren't sold.

"The issue we have now is the layout," said Henry Rodriguez who's lived in the neighborhood for 28 years. "It's barrack like, it looks like a trailer park, there's no aesthetics to it. It's just building after building."

But it's not all disappointment. Rodriguez and other residents say they are happy with the Lincoln City Council's decision to not approve an apartment complex that was presented last December.

Four council members took a look at the area and thought it wasn't the right fit," said Rodriguez.

The new plan shows a total of ten buildings made of two attached units, or 20 single-family dwelling units. It's much smaller than the original plan which showed a 20 unit apartment complex and 20 single-family units, but Rodriguez says it's still too compact.

He says they will likely be two-story, and for rent instead of sale.

"We prefer they be owner occupied," said Rodriguez. "When you own something you take an investment, you take pride in it."

Other complaints include safety because of traffic around the school.

There will be a public hearing on Monday. The developer is expected to have a more complete plan that will comply with zoning and subdivision ordinances.

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"Fox Hollow has been an established neighborhood for 30 years, all of us were told this was going to be townhouses some day," said Fox Hollow Resident Becky McNeil.

However during a meeting last December, residents of the Fox Hollow Community found out that the upscale townhouses that had been planned on being built on an empty lot, would instead be an apartment and duplexes.

Something that would depreciate the value of property for community members who had purchased homes under the thought that more townhouses would be built.

"Most of us have made the greatest investment of our lives in our properties," said McNeil.

"We had our house appraised when this started, anywhere from 5-8% we're being told that this will affect the value.

While residents say they're not opposed to development in the area, they want a plan that fits their neighborhood.

"We love our city, we love our neighborhood, we don't have any plans on going anywhere but this does feel like a bait and switch, we need to speak up," said Resident Lauren Davis.