Hornung Announces Resignation from Lincoln City Council

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Adam Hornung announced Thursday that he will be resigning, effective prior to the next city council meeting, from his position as an at-large Lincoln City Councilperson. Hornung is resigning to devote sufficient time to his family and new position as general counsel and a member of senior management at one of the world’s largest fund managers.

“This is a very bittersweet day for me, as I have very much enjoyed serving the City of Lincoln. We all strive to give back to the community in our own ways and I tried to give back by serving on the city council. From infrastructure projects, to taxes, to schools for the autistic, being on the City Council has given me an unforgettable opportunity to weigh in on such a wide variety of issues that have such a profound effect on our daily lives here in Lincoln.”

Hornung, a corporate attorney, was approached by a long-time client with global operations and several billion dollars under management to head up their entire legal department. The move will require him to travel several continents, but will allow him to keep his family rooted in Lincoln.

“It was a very rare opportunity to provide long-term security for my family, while allowing us to still keep roots in Lincoln. You never know what life holds, but my wife and I are excited about the opportunity. That said, it is very hard to not be able to continue to serve Lincolnites on the City Council.”

Hornung currently serves as the chair of the City Council and has been outspoken in his support for infrastructure improvements, economic opportunities, and city programs like public safety and the parks department. His term for city council would expire in May.

“Unfortunately, the time commitments and regulatory requirements for the position do not allow me to continue to serve on the Lincoln City Council. I tried to think of ways to make it work, but it did not seem fair to my constituents or my fellow councilpersons to continue in the position, even though a short time remains until the City elections.”

Originally from the small Nebraska town of Arnold, Hornung, 34, graduated from the UNL Law School and has been an attorney for more than 8 years in Los Angeles, London, and Lincoln. Hornung has been active in the community, serving as a member of Downtown Rotary Club #14, the Lincoln Young Professionals Group, the Lincoln Bar Association, and organizing the neighborhood 4th of July Parade and Picnic. His wife, Nicole, is a mental health therapist and the Hornung’s are the proud parents of their 4-year old (Ada) and 2-year old (Mae) daughters.

As part of the process to fill the vacancy created by his resignation, Hornung recommended to Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler and his fellow councilpersons that the position be filled by local businessman, Mark Whitehead.

“I, the rest of the Council, and the Mayor have known Mark for years. He is a life-long Lincoln resident, a small business owner, has served on a number of local and state boards, understands local issues, and shares many of my views on local issues. I think it is important for the Council to fill the position with someone that can hit the ground running and who understands this community. Mark is very well-respected throughout Lincoln and would carry on a similar spirit of service. In the past, it has also been important to the Council that vacancies be filled by someone with similar views about the role of government and local issues. Mark and I share very similar views and it is, without hesitation, that I would recommend him for this position.”

“The Council has a bit of time to think about this issue and I am certainly not in control of the process, but I hope that everyone takes strong consideration of the views and principles that people saw when they elected me nearly four years ago. I know Mark will carry those same principles from now through the elections in May, which is something that Lincolnites deserve.”