UPDATE: Cause of Fire Known in Morning Apartment Complex Blaze | Cat Dies in Fire

The Grand Island Fire Department says the cause of the morning fire was a lightweight extension cord plugged into a portable heater.

The cord melted into the carpet and caught fire.

The Fire Department said to be cautious using extension cords for this. The cords attached to heaters like that get hot enough themselves, but a lightweight extension cord is not capable of handling it.

They say, if possible, do not use extension cords at any time to power a portable heater, they start fires like this one very often.

Crews responded to 320 South Clayburne Street just before 11:30 Tuesday morning. They say the home had been converted into apartments. Neighbors say there were five apartments, however one was vacant.

According to GIFD, the building was empty until someone came home to discover the fire. The resident smelled smoke, saw a heavy haze and called 911.

Crews had the flames out in minutes thanks to new fire-fighting foam.

Officials say no one was hurt, but a cat died despite efforts from firefighters to save the pet by giving it oxygen. They say crews were able to save another cat, also by giving it oxygen.

Fire officials say the apartment where the fire started is a total loss. The other four apartments are livable, but the residents will be displaced for a few days. Red Cross is helping those people.

Crews say they have been busy the last couple of days. They say home heaters are working harder because of the cold.