House Works: Clothing Design

This is often how dreams begin... slowly, and in a small space. Stay at home mom, Jillian Fellers, works stitch by stitch in the basement of her Lincoln home.

She's sewing her way to a goal, and it's tonight... Omaha Fashion Week, and a chance to debut her bridal collection.

"I just like to get my designs out there, and share it with the world, I guess, " says Fellers.

It's been a process, getting to this point.

"There's an initial application which I believe was back in September of this season, and then from there they take a look at what you have as far as a portfolio online of past work you've done. There are a few questions you answer as far as career aspirations, what you think you'll get out of fashion week and what you hope to learn."

That application and a presentation for judges all led to this... a coveted spot as one of 16 designers and the only one from Lincoln. She will present seven pieces from her vintage-inspired bridal collection.

"I started sewing this back in November, and it's a whole process to make the dresses. I do draping directly on the form so it starts out as just a cotton muslin idea basically."

Jillian started sewing the actual fabric in December, and she's still sewing. And there are the fittings and alterations on the models.

The dark ivory gown is the only dress in the collection that is the typical bridal color. Fellers likes her dresses to flow with layers. The pale gray dress is over ecru with an underlining layer of chiffon. The lining is also ecru to give it a shimmery effect.

The lace is tea-dyed to make it look antique. Fellers likes the real classic silhouettes of the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

From the basement to the runway, it's a chance for this mom to try something new, playing off the old and showing off the blue.

"It's a bridal collection but it's mostly color so I'm just experimenting with that sort of trend in bridal right now that I think is just really cool. So if you are going to go all out, it's going to be your wedding. It's just fun to be a part of that and help somebody make their vision come to life for their special day."

And every day, this UNL grad uses her degree in textiles and design to sketch and sew her way to gaining more clients and selling online as made to order.

It's a dream this mom of two says can be achieved, step by step.

"Start small. I just started with my accessories line working on that during nap time. See if it's something you can balance. I'll be glad when I can go back to a more regular schedule. I'll still be sewing but, maybe reducing my hours a little bit so I can see my boys again."