House Works: DIY Christmas Decorating

Courtesy: Matthew Mead

This is the time of year when Christmas decorations are prominent everywhere. There are ways to make your decorations stand out from the crowd.

In House Works, national design expert Matthew Mead joins us in a skype interview to share some of his ideas for unique DIY projects using a paint sprayer.

For example, Matthew uses a paint sprayer and red paint to recast an old cast-off plate as wall decor. Just take a stencil, and use a paint sprayer to create stenciled plates that you can hang on the wall. You can paint the ends of silverware to give them an updated appeal, too.

Give your dining room set a fresh look by creating a dipped look to the chair legs. This is a very popular thing right now. Just take blue tape, mark off the places you don't want painted, and paint the rest that you want to paint. Matthew says you can personalize all of this, and that is the key to design... ways to personalize your space and make it original.