Huge Crowds Creating Parking Problem in Haymarket

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Even without the Nebraska Women's Basketball Team playing in the Lincoln Regional, a sea of basketball fans could be seen in the Haymarket Saturday Afternoon.

"Amazed when I looked down the street at the Pinnacle Bank Arena. The crowd was two blocks long waiting to get in," said Basketball Fan Vicky Mackenstadt.

"They've been pouring in, you see them in their jerseys and sports attire and that all adds to the atmosphere and makes it a great event," said Kevin Wolf Co-Owner of Buffalo Wings and Rings.

For these fans who came to enjoy the game or just the atmosphere, getting here first meant snagging a spot in already full and crowded parking areas.

"Every parking spot on the street was taken, people were cruising around and you could tell they were looking for a place to go," said Mackenstadt.

While the Railyard is still in it's first year of existence, some have their own solutions to the parking problem.

"You come down early and find a spot, walk a little more. We need more multiple level parking areas," said Mackenstadt.

"When you put 15-16,000 people across the street and all of the people that are hanging out down here it does become an issue, but it's a good problem to have," said Wolf.