Hundreds March in Kearney's 1st Gay Pride Parade

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KEARNEY, Neb. -- Hundreds made history Sunday as they marched in Kearney's first ever gay pride parade.

The group was not only trying to raise awareness for gay rights, but they were also celebrating the recent victories.

Hundreds of people waved rainbow flags, a symbol of gay pride, proudly at Kearney's first ever pride parade.

"We are loved by our communities but some people are persecuted and that's why we need to take a stand and walk down the street and celebrate ourselves and stand up to these bullies," said Brian Whitecalf, the organizer of the parade.

They all shared the same message. They're here and they aren't going anywhere.

"We don't stick out from everyone else," said Keisha Wilson.

Ryley Wright added, "We all work normal jobs we have normal lives and were just here to celebrate who we are."

Wilson and Wright are engaged and set to marry in Iowa because same sex marriage is still illegal in Nebraska and 29 other states.

Wright said, "A lot of the bigger communities, Omaha, Lincoln, are really supportive and it's just a matter of time before the support moves this way."

The group walked the streets preaching love and equal rights, but there are some Nebraskans who are still unwilling to accept the LGBTQ community.

"He also made marriage he made it for one man and one woman and you know you can't mess with what God has created and what God has set forth," said Wendy Ratzlaff.

But despite the opposition the group said Nebraska has come a long way.

"I think it's really up and coming but I think we need to keep working to get it throughout the state and to help achieve what were working for which is equal rights for everybody," said Peyton Vanwinkle.

Whitecalf voiced his intention to run for Grand Island City Council. If elected he says he hopes to make a difference in the lives of the LGBTQ community.