Hundreds of Kids Learn Lifelong Skills at Play Day

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Lincoln, Neb. Summer is a time for fun in the sun but that fun is helping kids stay healthy. Lincoln is the only recognized "Playful City" in the state.

The goal is to provide kids activities during the summer to keep them active and help solve the big problem of obesity.

About 400 kid campers came out to Woods Pool for the annual Play Day to swim, play kickball, mancala all in the name of staying fit and being healthy.

"So far it's been great, I can't wait to start doing more stuff.," said 10-year old Emily Klingler.

It's this attitude the Lincoln Parks and Recreation want from the 400 kids at Woods Pool.

"We want kids to be active, we want them to be swimming, we want them to be out playing kickball, the goal is to get up and move," said one of the Play Day coordinators Nicole Weber.

Klingler says these type of events keeps her out of the house.

"Motivates us a lot and it makes us want to do more things to make a difference, have more fun," said Klingler.

But these activities aim to teach the kids more than just being outdoors and having fun.

"We want to give the kiddos not only physical, mental, but lifelong leisure skills that they need to live successful lives, be healthy from birth until their 90's," said Weber.

"Helps us work harder and things," said Klingler.

Especially for a growing problem in Nebraska. According to the CDC, 17-percent of kids in Nebraska are overweight that number skyrockets to 64-percent in adults in the state a trend that Weber wants to end.

"When you talk about childhood obesity, on a day like today when you're going to be active from 10 am out in the parks to til 2:30 we want to make sure you're fueling your body hydrated correctly," said Weber.

For Klingler she's enjoying every part of this learning experience.

"My favorite part so far is hanging out with friends and doing the games we've been doing, it's a lot of fun," said Klingler.