Hundreds of New Teachers Begin Careers at LPS

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Ready or not school starts up again on Tuesday for Lincoln Public School students. There's hundreds of new faces, many of them teachers. LPS says there are 384 new teachers stepping foot inside the classroom.

"I'm nervous...but I'm nervous excited," said Megan Jorgensen, one of the new teachers.

Jorgensen will teach 6th grade language arts, writing and reading at Schoo Middle School. She says she's been anticipating this day coming all summer long.

"It's getting closer, closer, closer so I know I probably won't sleep well tonight but not because I'm nervous, freaking out but excited to have that moment that you're in your classroom by yourself with no body helping's your class, you're're their teacher," said Jorgensen.

Jorgensen will teach two classes with a total of 57 students.

"You get really excited, you go through 4 years of education and you're ready, this is the moment you've been waiting for is to walk in your classroom for the first time and to get it ready exactly how you want it and that preparation takes a lot of time to create and plan for the kids and you got to make sure everything is ready for them and to make sure that first day goes flawless," said Jorgensen.

Over at Huntington Elementary, another new teacher, Makayla Urban will teach 1st and 3rd grade special education. She too has some butterflies in her stomach.

"I'm a ball of nerves but I'm also very anxious and excited...I know I'm going to learn so much," said Urban.

A learning experience both Urban and Jorgensen say will be exciting.

"I never realized just how much it takes to prepare for the school year for these teachers," said Urban.

"You go through college but nobody ever prepares you for what's going to happen next. We're prepared in so many ways, but not for these kids walking in on the first day," said Jorgensen.

LPS says there's just Kindergarten through 9th grade starting Tuesday morning and then the sophomores, juniors and seniors join them on Wednesday.