Hundreds of Vintage Cars Tour Nebraska

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KEARNEY, Neb. -- Did you see a vintage vehicle drive by over the weekend? How about 304 of them? It's very possible you did as the Nebraska Rod and Custom Association is holding it's 22nd annual Tour of Nebraska.

304 cars drove more than 600 miles around Nebraska. The cars had to be at least 30 years old and are designed to attract people to participate in the future and maybe join the Nebraska Road and Custom Association (NRCA).

While being big car enthusiasts, the association also works with the state government.

"Our main mission is to be a legislative watchdog for legislation in the Nebraska unicameral that might be detrimental to us or to promote legislation that we might need," said Gary Hedman, the President of the Nebraska Road and Custom Association.

The Tour of Nebraska started as a standard car show 22 years ago, but that didn't last long.

"I don't enjoy going to car shows so much any more," said Darwin Henry, of Salina, KS. "I like to get out and drive it. That's what it's for is to drive."

Arapahoe resident Mark Hamel added, "The fun's driving the car to and from the car show really, and this is one big rolling car show."

And apparently the chance to drive these antique cars will bring people from many miles away.

Hamel said, "It's the only one in the nation like it that's done this way."

Hedman added, "We have people on this particular tour that came from Fredricksburg, TX. to join us. We have people from South Dakota, we have some Kansas entrants. A lot of them have ties to Nebraska, used to live here or something like that, but they just enjoy coming back and seeing Nebraska. And we take them places they never would go before."

It even brings in spectators who like to just set up their chairs and watch the cars go by.

"We love classic cars. All years and makes and love to come see it," said Truman Hill of Council Bluffs. Mavis Hill said, "This is the kind of classic cars we like, the older ones." "Sit in the shade and enjoy the cars go by," added Truman. "Yea, we do this several times a Summer," concluded Mavis.

But the NRCA admits this drive isn't about showing off old vehicles.

"It's all about having fun," said Hedman. "It's not about cars, it's about meeting people. And you meet a lot of good, good people doing this."