Hunters Can Use Extra Deer to Help the Hungry

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Not sure what to do with that extra deer this deer season?

The Nebraska Game & Parks Commission has a solution: their new Hunters Helping the Hungry program.

Officials say more than 20 meat processors across the state have agreed to participate.

Hunters can donate their deer and the ground venison will then be donated to Nebraskans in need.

"This helps fill another void, it helps us get it into the food bank networks and big feeding centers where they're feeding a lot of people and where lean protein is really valuable to them," says NGPC Deputy Director Tim McCoy.

Hunters Helping the Hungry is funded by donations made by individuals, groups, and hunters when they buy permits.

NGPC says they have enough funds to process about 270 deer this year. That could add up to nearly five tons of meat.

NGPC is also doing their Deer Exchange program again. For more information, use the links in the box.