Husker Athletes Shop with Kids

It's a dream come true for kids like Angel-- having the opportunity to buy Christmas gifts.

"I bought my sister a dream light and a pillow," she said, "and I bought my mom a green pillow, and a New Years bear because her birthday is on New Years day."

She is one of the 100 kids from the Lighthouse after-school program that went on a Christmas shopping trip Thursday.

Angel spent more money on her family than she spent on herself.

"Family should be more important than what you get," she said, holding the large stuffed frog she bought for herself.

To make the trip even better, various Husker athletes came off the field and out of the TV screen to help.

"We're just helping kids celebrate Christmas who aren't going to have the privilege to get as many gifts or have that holiday time with their family," said Brett Maher, the kicker for the Huskers.

"I know when I was that little, to be able to hang out with Husker athletes and go Christmas shopping, I think I would be pretty happy."

"I think it means a lot," said Harvey Jackson, a defensive back for the Huskers.

"They keep asking questions about us playing football and asking how college is. I think we're making a real big influence on them."

Former Husker and Kansas City Chief Eric Warfield raised money to make this event possible.

"It's something that has been dear to my heart since I was a teenager," said Warfield.

"My mom runs a foster care center in Arkansas, so I'm constantly involved in helping raise money for her organization and other organizations like hers."

He got the idea to start the event while playing football for the Kansas City Chiefs.

"You see the smiles on their faces as they walk through the door, and when they walk out with what they bought," he said. "It makes it all worth it."