Husker Athletic Department Prepares for Severe Weather for Saturday's Spring Game

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Lincoln, NE-- With the chance for severe weather during the spring football game on Saturday, the Nebraska Athletic Department is preparing for all scenarios.

But fans who plan on going told 10/11 the rain won't keep them away.

Sally Henry says, "I'm going to go either way personally because I love Husker football."

"I'm totally still going, doesn't matter," said Taylor Simon.

"I think there's a lot of people that are going to show up because it's a great day to be a Husker," said Meghan Gerdes.

Associate Athletic Director for Facilities & Events, Butch Hug, says the University is working with the Lancaster County Emergency Systems in preparation for the spring game.

He says National Weather Service will also be on site, monitoring the weather at a 250 mile radius.

Hug says the Weather Service would alert the University if a severe storm, including lightening, was within 50 miles of Memorial Stadium.

If lightening is sighted, Hug says the game will automatically be delayed for 30 minutes. He says any lightening strike after that will reset the clock until they determine the game should be canceled.

Most importantly, Hug says the severity of the weather will dictate the game, he says people will be notified if they should take cover either in the stadium or surrounding buildings.

Hug says they have not determined at this time what kind of refund would be available for fans who purchased tickets, but he is confident they will have a plan.