Husker Fans Confident In Women's Team Making Tournament Run

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Monday meant another party for Nebrasketball and hundreds of fans filled the Pinnacle Bank Arena to support the women's basketball team.

"This has got to pump the fans up something fierce," said UNL Student Anthony Ainslie.

The huskers earned a #4 seed and a matchup against Fresno State this weekend in Los Angeles, something fans say is a reward for their hard work on the court this season.

"You can see them improving from week to week, they're jelling as a team and they have a lot of energy," Said Husker Fan Laverna Bakk.

What a lot of fans at the Pinnacle Bank Arena had their eyes on was the potential Sweet Sixteen matchup against the #1 seed Uccon Huskies.

"We've got a shooters chance against Uccon, draining those 3's, lighting it up like they did against Penn State. I think it's anybody's game, they pack this arena, should be rocking down here," said Husker Fan Mike Runyan.

"It would be packed to the rafters, it would be full and exciting, the home crowd advantage is huge, we really get loud," said Bakk.

It's a season that has given husker hoops fans a lot to cheer about, but they know that this team still has their eyes on a bigger prize.

"I think they can make the final four, but we'll have to wait and see," said Runyan.