Husker Fans Not Thrilled about Bowl Game Plans

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The disappointing Husker loss hasn't fizzled with fans. It is still a sore subject.

Executive Travel in Lincoln was arranging four charter planes to Pasadena, California.

They had hotels reserved for 500 fans and even plans for a group trip to Disneyland.

At least 100 people had committed to make the trip with Executive Travel. Over 400 more were expected to book if the Big Red had won.

"To this point, this is the worst I've ever seen. It's not often I can be sitting here mid-day the first day of business after it's all been announced and I don't have a booking," said Executive Travel's Paul Glenn.

Paul Glenn says it's not a lack of support from Husker fans, but a lack of interest in the destination.

The agency is expecting to take a $1-million hit.

The Capital One Bowl is in Orlando on January first.