Husker Football Documentary Premiered Downtown Friday Night

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A Husker football documentary premiered at the Rococo Theater downtown Friday night. It was the first time that citizens of Lincoln were able to view the documentary on Husker Football and its fans.

A big Husker fan and Lincoln Native, Ryan Tweedy wanted to capture the Husker spirit. He was inspired to direct his documentary, titled " Through These Gates," by the sign at Memorial Stadium.

"The reason is because through these gates pass the greatest fans in college football," said Tweedy.

The film includes interviews with Nebraska celebrities like Tommy Frazier, Larry The Cable Guy and even Tom Osborne. Tweedy admits that it was difficult to reach some of these big names but Tom Osborne was actually the easiest to reach.

Although the film focuses on the Husker team, Tweedy also explains in his film why being a Husker is about more than just the love of football.

"My thing was, there is so much conflict and negativity in sports, that I wanted to focus on something positive. I think Huskers fans are positive," said Tweedy.

The film's Lincoln premiere sold out. For a list of future showings, click here.