Husker Memorabilia to be Auctioned Off to Provide Presents for Kids

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If you've been trying to get your hands on Husker-signed sports swag, this Sunday may be your best chance. Autographed sports memorabilia will be auctioned off to help buy toys for kids in need.

"Volleyballs and basketballs and baseballs from the Huskers," said Lacey Reha, Lincoln Police Officer. "We've also included the Nascar fans. We have an autographed Nascar helmet."

It's part of the annual Santa Cop auction for the Lincoln Police union charities.

"All the proceeds we raise from the auction go toward purchasing gifts for the children of the community," said Reha.

You can also bid on a 1993 Honda Accord, along with food and golf gift certificates.

The Santa Cop program has grown immensely from its humble beginnings 32 years ago. It formed when officers noticed kids who didn't get any presents during the holidays. Since then, they've helped thousands of families in need. Just last year, they spent $30,000 on gifts and gave them to 4,000 families.

"No one wants to ask for anything especially as we approach the holiday season but this is our time that we can provide for the community and no one needs to ask," said Reha.

A task they know isn't possible without your help.

The auction will be Sunday, November 18 at noon at the Holiday Inn in downtown Lincoln. Admission is free and Raising Canes will have free food.
After the gifts are bought, they'll be distributed at the Center for People in need next month.