Husker Softball Team Supports Teenagers Rehab Following Accident

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The first pitch at Saturday's Nebraska vs Ohio State Softball Game was neither a ball or a strike, however it received one of the biggest cheers of the day.

It was thrown by Rylee Robinson, a 13 year old Kansas girl with a love of softball who was in a horrible accident last year.

"Rylee was riding her bike and was struck by a car," said Rylee's Mom Kelli Robinson.

The accident took one of Rylee's legs and forced her to spend months recovering at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln. This past fall Rylee's coaches at her school in Kansas contacted the Nebraska Softball Team and told them her story, not long after that Rylee received a surprise.

"They came to visit me and then let me practice with them," said Rylee Robinson.

When the players entered her hospital room, she couldn't hold her excitement.

"I was like woohooo!" said Rylee.

Being greeted by all the huskers after her first pitch, Rylee knows that these players have helped her recovery and made her feel like a part of the team.

"I've established a lot, I feel like sisters with them, they mean a lot to me," said Rylee.

"That's what makes her want to keep going, lets her know she can do anything she wants to.