Huskers Raise Money For Pediatric Brain Cancer At Memorial Stadium

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LINCOLN, Neb. The Husker football team was out in full force Sunday morning joining the fight against pediatric brain cancer.

Star players like Kenny Bell, Quincy Enunwa and Tommy Armstrong were there giving full support to the cause.

The Nebraska team brought the same game-day excitement to fans at the Uplifting Athletes Run. Sam Burtch, a junior wide receiver helped to organize the event that raised $30,000 from registration.

With two runs, one for children and another for adults, the Husker team had to bring a lot of energy to the morning. They lined up and formed a tunnel, high-fiving and cheering for every runner who crossed the finish line.

Jack Hoffman was there, from "Team Jack," another organization that works to raise money and awareness about brain cancer. Hoffman was leading the run and inspiring players as well.

One Lincoln family, the Lukasiewizcs, said that it's these type of events that make the good life so "good."

Matt Lukasiewizc said, "To have these people come together, to see the Huskers supporting us is just a really awesome thing to see some of these other survivors out here like my son Aidan; getting to know these other families that have gone through similar situations is great."

The Husker team truly made many Lincoln children feel special. After the race, many children approached players for high-fives and autographs - clearly, in awe that they were meeting their real-life heroes.

That wasn't lost on Tommy Armstrong.

"It may change their life for the rest of their lives being able to come out here and meet us. We may think we're just normal athletes, normal students but to them we mean a lot to them. We're like role models to kids out here," said Armstrong.

The Husker players know how special this is for their community.
Recognizing that brain cancer is a harder game to beat.

Many players 10/11 spoke to say kids like Jack Hoffman are one of a kind. Imani Cross said, "I think Jack is an awesome guy and he's showing a lot of courage and that courage leaks on to our football team and this community."