Huskers Send Special Message to Team Jack

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Jack Hoffman began a new round of treatments in Boston this week, after doctors recently discovered a brain tumor was no longer in remission.

Despite the setback, the Nebraska football team players and coaches wanted to remind the Hoffman family that they're not alone in this fight.

In full pads and gear, all the coaches and players gathered around to share a special video message to Jack, as he begins treatment.

"As a group of your friends," Bo Pelini, Nebraska's head coach, said, "[we] want to show how much we're here to support you."

Several Huskers, including Ameer Abdullah and Kenny Bell, offered personal messages to Jack and his family.

"Just want to let you know, Jack," Abdullah said, "you're a warrior man. The guys behind me, we're going to be fighting for you. We're behind you full, 100 percent.

"We love you guys."

Andy Hoffman, Jack's father, didn't even know about the video until he walked into work Wednesday morning, and a co-worker told him about it.

"It was just very humbling to see Coach Bo do that," Andy said, " and just extremely uplifting for Jack and really our whole family."

Andy said Jack really enjoyed the video, especially the end, when the team breaks the huddle and yells "Team Jack."

"He holds these guys in such high regard," Andy said.

"He's like any other eight-year-old boy in the state of Nebraska."

Andy said they're hoping, and planning, that Jack can be back home in Nebraska in time for the Husker season opener Aug. 30th.