Hy-Vee Opens Large, Unique Store in Kearney

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KEARNEY, Neb. -- Hy-Vee is an employee owned grocery store located in eight different states. And now Nebraska has another one.

The Grand Opening of the new Hy-Vee in Kearney brings not only a new shopping center to the community, but a unique edition to the Hy-Vee chain.

"It's got a lot of different areas like our Hy-Vee Market Grille, a restaurant inside a grocery store. It's only the 6th one that Hy-Vee has and it's something that is very new that will be a trend for Hy-Vee," said Store Director Tony Taylor. "We have artisan breads, we have five chefs on hand with culinary expertise that a lot of stores don't have, we have two dietitians on staff to help customers with their dietary needs. Just a lot of things like that and experts in place to give a little better service."

Service that people in Kearney have been waiting for a very long time.

"I used to go to Omaha a lot and seeing their Hy-Vee, I loved it! Very nice place," said Kearney resident Alex Brush.

The community took action to get the popular supermarket to their town.

Taylor said, "It was one of the most requested stores that Hy-Vee has ever had. A lot of letters were written in, a lot of e-mails and they came out to Kearney and they liked what they seen. They saw a great community, a great college, UNK, they kept it vital, very diverse, great economy."

And it's the biggest Hy-Vee store the chain makes.

Some locals say they will rarely shop elsewhere in Kearney.

"The variety is just, it's awesome! You don't get that at Wal-mart," said Jessica Werlinger of Kearney.

"And the freshness, we like fresh fruit," added Brush.

Fellow Kearney resident Stephanie Todd said, "Those big runs that we do, we'll probably definitely come up here."

Some residents said it was a matter of time before getting this new store.

Damien Todd said, "I'd say this is probably tied to the growth of the city, the county, everything. The demand is here, I think today, the Grand Opening, I think this is showing."

The store said they hope to hit 50,000 customers in their first week.